Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Block Drive for Japan

Good Morning members of the NOVA Modern Quilt Guild!

I feel quite awkard posting here, since I have not met many of you yet, so let me introduce myself quick.

My name is Kristy, I recently moved to the area from Minneapolis. I was a part of the Modern Quilt Guild there, and am very excited that there is a local guild here too!

Anyways, for the real reason I am posting, the Minneapolis Guild is hosting a block drive for Japan. All you need to do is make 10.5 inch Log Cabin block, any color(s), any style (wonky, traditional, whatever) timing is of the essence though, they want to receive blocks no later the the 8th of April. You can either mail them yourself, or get them to me by the 5th, so I can mail all them in one package on the 6th and hope they get there on time!

More information can be found on this blog post

I will send an email with all the same information, please contact me for my address if you are going to be making blocks.


  1. Hi Kristy! Thanks for sharing this project with the guild. I am wondering if it would be a good idea to have a get together on the 2nd to give everyone a chance to give you their blocks to send off. Unfortunately I will be out of town on a quilting retreat so I won't be able to come but that doesn't mean you all can't get together. Let Kristy know if you would be willing to host!

  2. yeah! that would be great! I would host myself..but I don't have tables beyond the dining room..and my house is a bit of a mess still. (though if only 3-4 people were able to show up..)

  3. Thanks for coordinating! I can't wait to see your blocks :) - Annik

  4. I KNEW we had a little quilt fairy helping us out in VA. Thank you Kristy for posting and coordinating the VA NOVA Guild. We miss you at the MMQG meetings! We should coordinate a swap/challenge between our two groups soon!